The #AngryChef’s Timone’s Restaurant Refocuses and Reopens


L: Clam Pie, R: Meatballs

If you don’t keep as close a watch on Atlanta’s restaurant scene as some, you might have missed the fact that Timone’s in Morningside closed. Usually closing a restaurant, means never reopening. But not for Timone’s. Several us were hosted by Ron Eyester, owner of Timone’s, Rosebud and The Family Dog, all in Morningside, and he explained why he closed the restaurant and what’s changed since reopening.

Timone’s, Eyester’s mom’s maiden name, is actually a tribute to his father, who passed away not long ago. Timone’s is like the restaurants he grew up going to with his family. Running one restaurant is difficult enough, I can only imagine, but running three? Yikes! Then Eyester took time off to be on Top Chef. It certainly takes a toll on any restaurant. So, they decided to close down Timone’s and change the concept a bit.

Timone's rice balls Morningside

Now rather than only pizza, though I’m partial to the Meatball Pie and Rice Balls, Timone’s serves deli sandwiches / sides, and breakfast including bagels and spreads. A Reuben with house-made corned beef could be a close second in my book. Early risers will be happy to try the Breakfast Hoagie with bacon, avocado and remoulade, or the S.O.S. with fried eggs and Rosebud sausage gravy.

Deli items at Timone's

Deli items at Timone’s

What else is new? Chef Joey Ahn, formerly of SOHO restaurant is now chef at Timone’s. Did you know? Timone’s uses water that has the same PH balance as New York, to exactly replicate the bagels and pizza.

Timone’s is open Monday – Saturday from 7 am to 9pm and the breakfast menu is served until 10:30 am. Click to visit Timone’s Website.

Unexpected Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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Across the Street, a Mexican restaurant in Old Fourth Ward, will be offering both Guinness and Guinness Blonde plus Jameson for beverages, then for the lunch and dinner menu they will have corned beef and cabbage tacos along with Reuben sandwiches.

Bantam + Biddy (Ansley, Crescent, Lenox Square, Avalon) has a special for St. Patties. Anyone who has followed Lance Gummere, knows that he has a reputation for damn good sliders at reasonable prices. St. Patrick’s day is no exception with $3 corned beef and cabbage sliders available from March 14 -17.

FLIP Burger
Looking for something sweet? Flip Burger is featuring a St. Patrick’s Day concoction called the Lucky Charms Shake – vanilla ice cream and Lucky Charms cereal blended together and topped with vanilla foam and cereal pieces. Like a four-leaf clover, this shake is rare and will only be available March 16-22 at all FLIP locations.

Shake Shack
“When Irish Fries Are Smiling” special featuring crinkle-cut fries topped with horseradish cream, scallions, and crispy all-natural Applewood smoked bacon. The Leprechaun-approved fries will be available from Friday, March 13, through Tuesday, March 17.

Watching the St. Patrick’s Day Parade? Then you’ll want to be on TAP’s patio! On Saturday, March 14th this pub will be serving Irish Coffees, pints of Guinness and their housemade bloody mary’s with a Guinness floater. Or try the Irish brunch special, the Corned Beef Benedict with house made corned beef, melted leeks, poached eggs, hollandaise and soda bread biscuit. On Tuesday, March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day have something sweet – special Stout Cake made with Guinness and allspice, sliced bananas, vanilla ice cream, and toffee sauce.

True Food Kitchen
Get lucky with True Food Kitchen’s selection of power greens! Scale back on the green beer and opt for some liquid lean, green fighting machines like True Food Kitchen’s “Kale-Aid” made with kale, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger, and “Green Arnie” featuring a blend of matcha green tea and honey lemonade. Other vitamin-rich ingredients to get your green fix can be found across the menu including black kale, mizuna, bok choy and spinach.

Twenty-Two Storys
Venture downtown to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Twenty-Two Storys. Specials include Irish spring rolls filled with corned beef, cabbage, potato and malted whole grain mustard. All Irish liquors will be one dollar off and guests are welcome to make any beer a shandy for free.

Pasta Chips Product Review

The maker of Pasta Chips, a new product available in Atlanta, sent me some samples to try out and review.  As the name suggests, the chips are made from the same main ingredient used in high end pasta, Wheat Semolina Flour. The chips are also Non GMO.

The idea is that the pasta chips mimic real Italian sauces. The varieties sent were Mediterranean Sea Salt, Garlic and Olive Oil, Alfredo, and Marinara. I didn’t care for the Marinara as I thought the seasoning was way too overpowering and sweet. This one didn’t taste like any Marinara I’d ever had. I thought the Alfredo came closest to actually tasting like the sauce. However, the the best of the pasta chips was the Sea Salt.

Pasta Chips Review

Top Left: Creamed Spinach / Alfredo, Top Right: Fig and Walnut Confit / Garlic EVOO, Bottom: Smoked Salmon / Sea Salt

Both my hubby and I thought the chips were quality. Sometimes you open a bag of chips or crackers and so many have broken, you can forget using them for dipping or putting a topping on them. But these were intact and surprisingly strong considering how thin they are.

One thing I found frustrating was that the bags were difficult to tear open. I had to use scissors to get each bag open, but they are supposed to be resealable and several of the bags didn’t reseal well.

The bag is larger than a serving size for sure, but not quite large enough to believe that you get 5 servings as the nutritional guidelines indicate, at least not the way I’d snack on them. If I were to portion them out in plastic bags for lunch, I’d guess I could get 3, maybe 4 servings out them eating them by themselves.


However, I played around with some different dips and spreads and obviously they go much farther with these. For the Mediterranean Sea Salt Pasta Chips, I thought a Smoked Salmon Spread (left) was a good compliment, though those were so tasty, I could just eat them on their own.

My favorite pairing was the Creamed Spinach with the Alfredo Chips (center). That was a match made in heaven. Not a low calorie match, but a tasty one.

I went a little overboard when pairing the Garlic and Olive Oil Chips. I had a honeyed Goat cheese and a small jar of fig and walnut confit (right). Oh my goodness was this a terrific snack.

Pasta Chips are available at The Fresh Market for $3.99 a bag. What topping would you put on these Pasta Chips?

American Food beverage, Atlanta, Buckhead

American Food and Beverage in Buckhead Atlanta

The second restaurant I’ve visited in the new Buckhead Atlanta center, American Food and Beverage, was even more lovely than the first, Thirteen Pies, both owned by the same company. AFB is pretty expansive, not to mention well appointed. Just look at that beautiful bar that spans the length of the restaurant.

AFB’s cocktail list is a motely crew of booze, including Gin, Vodka, Tequila and Whiskey. Our group pretty much picked one of each, my choice being the Buckhead Gimlet. A twist on a normal Gimlet, you choose between Vodka, Gin and Tequila. I went with Vodka, my liquor of choice, but somehow the cocktail missed the mark. It wasn’t very strong. Besides cocktails, they have an outstanding wine list and a beer list filled with Atlanta breweries, but some other good ones thrown in as well.


Starters like the Sapelo Island Oysters and mussels are nothing to sneeze at, it was clear, the Georgia Quail and Chorizo Scotch Eggs won the appetizer round. While the quail was quite messy, with a gooey sorghum hot sauce, just accept you are going to make a mess and dive in. It is so worth it. And the scotch eggs with peppers and cilantro? Swoon.

American Food Beverage Buckhead Atlanta review

L: Cocktails, R: Scotch Eggs

We SHOULD have just skipped right to entrees, but we tried a couple salads too. The first, a Vegan salad of walnut, raisins, kale and apple, had a delicious cashew dressing with a slight citrus flavor. But the latter, a Grilled Escarole Chicken salad was my favorite. It sounds simple: chopped egg, shallots and buttermilk dressing, but I couldn’t help myself, it was like a new twist on a Caesar salad.

Buckhead Atlanta, American Food Beverage

Crispy Quail with Sorghum hot sauce

So, have you taken note of how gorgeous the presentation of everything is at AFB? One of the most surprisingly tasty entrees to me was the Pork Shank. It was so extremely tender and packed full of flavor. Not something I would normally go for, so I’m so glad the chef sent one over for our table to sample.

What I did expect to like were the fish entrees. And they didn’t let me down. A NC Trout was served over a mustard green puree. I’ve never been a fan but in this pesto-like sauce, it was outstanding. How clever to use Mustard Greens like that, right?

American Food Beverage in Buckhead Atlanta

North Carolina Trout with mustard green puree, farro, sunchokes, watermelon radish

However, the best entree, and I think a unanimous favorite of all my table mates was the Blackened Tilefish (pictured at the top of this post). Again, the presentation is just incredible. But the Paprika butter is engulfed in was just outstanding. I could eat this entree once and week and not get tired of it.

American Food and Beverage is dedicated to sourcing locally and supporting nearby farmers. The bottom of their menus all list the local farms they support. The Sunday Supper is an incredible deal with Salad, Entree, Sides and Dessert for just $28. The menu changes quite regularly.

American Food & Beverage website
250 Buckhead Ave
Suite C-334
Atlanta, GA 30305

Disclosure: As this was a media dinner, our meal was complimentary. But the opinions expressed are my own.

American Food and Beverage on Urbanspoon


Del Frisco’s Grille, Buckhead, Atlanta Review

Located at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Buckhead, just about 10 steps across the hotel entrance is Del Frisco’s Grille. Never having been, I likened it to a Capital Grille, based solely on the menu. However, it is more like the Capital Grille’s younger brother, with it’s more modern style and loud music.

I tried the Kilt Lifter cocktail, and it was exceptional. Made with gin, St. Germain, elderflower, and a splash of Tabasco, it was a perfect balance of a stiff drink with a botanical flair if that makes sense. I don’t recommend drinking on an empty stomach. Where they do remind me of The Capital Grille is the wine selection. Del Frisco’s has an excellent by the glass list at reasonable prices. I enjoyed the $10 Merlot with my steak.

Del Friscos Grill Buckhead Atlanta

L: Crab cake, R: View of the bar from upstairs

The Ahi tuna tacos (pictured at the top of this page) are a signature item with a generous portion of tuna and can easily work as an entree. The crab cake, while amazing, is smaller, a tasty, yet not overly filling starter. You’ll certainly want to make sure to not fill up on appetizers as steak is the star of the show here.

You can’t go wrong with the Ribeye. Some evenings, this one included, Del Frisco’s has a special of three filets prepared with toppings of bearnaise, oscar and a pork foie gras butter. Although I prefer the flavor of a ribeye over filet, I tried the special and it didn’t disappoint. I must admit, I was pretty intrigued by the pork foie gras butter and it lived up to my expectations. For sides, the Asparagus was good, but pricey at $8 for about 4 spears. The mac n cheese is much more decadent and hearty.

Del Frisco's Grill Atlanta

Bonus: they have a beautiful patio that overlooks peachtree for warm spring days ahead.

Del Frisco’s Grille Website
3376 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30326
(404) 537-2828

Del Frisco's Grille on Urbanspoon