Rosa Mexicano’s 30th Anniversary

rosa mexicano anniversary

Pomegranate Margarita #Desde1984

Hard to believe that any restaurant makes it to a 30th anniversary nowadays. But Rosa Mexicano is celebrating three decades. To celebrate, they are having a throwback menu to some of the items featured when they opened in 1984. The special menu features 3 courses for $30 and is available now until October 12.

What’s a visit to Rosa Mexicano without a margarita? Try the Pomegranate one with it’s neon signature 80s look to kick off your meal.

For starters choose from items like the Taquitos de Tinga Poblana (Pork Tacos) or the Empanadas de Jaiba (corn empanadas filled with lump crab). These were fantastic. They serve a tomatillo salsa along side which is incredible.

rosa mexicano restaurant anniversary

rosa mexicano 30th anniversary


For entrees, the Chicken Mole Enchiladas are a signature favorite, but the Crepas con Camarones (Shrimp crepes) were particularly tasty. The Filete con Hongos (filet mignon medallions) were a unique item. To me, they tasted like beef stroganoff with a kick.

Postres (Dessert)

Tres Leches cake

Tres Leches cake

Choose from strawberry crepes in a caramel sauce or Tres Leches. You can’t go wrong with either, if you still have room after the rich and filling appetizers and entrees, but the strawberry crepes are slightly better than the Tres Leches cake at Rosa.

First Watch, Alpharetta, GA

Parfait at First Watch Atlanta

Siesta Key Cocktail (aka Parfait) at First Watch

If you had asked me what “First Watch” is two months ago, I would have guessed it was a tv show. When I got an invite to visit First Watch I had to go look it up because I’d never heard of it. Little did I know there are several First Watch locations around metro Atlanta.

I recently visited the newest First Watch location in Alpharetta. The staff is so cheery and helpful. For starters, their coffee is fantastic. They have their own proprietary blend and give diners their own fresh pot as soon as they are seated. I ordered something I normally wouldn’t – a yogurt parfait. Served with fresh fruit and poppy seed muffin, it was top notch.

Nothing at First Watch is half ass. The Italian omelette has a generous portion of sausage, sun-dried tomatoes and peppers. Try getting that kind of quality at J. Christopher’s. And the poached eggs with bacon? They are topped with fresh arugala, avocado, and hollandaise. Even the ciabatta bread is quality.

First Watch omeltte with Italian sauasage

Italian Omelette at First Watch

First Watch serves their breakfast / brunch menu everyday until they close around 2. Nice to know if you are a late riser. But First Watch’s lunch menu isn’t anything to dismiss either. A pesto quinoa chicken kale salad (listed under the “Power Bowl” section of their menu) was rather delicious. There were many pieces of fresh chicken breast meat throughout the salad. Salads are quite large and hearty enough for two to share.

First Watch Pesto Chicken Power Bowl

First Watch Pesto Chicken Power Bowl

But you know what I loved even more than the salad? The half sandwich / half salad option myself. So, you know when most restaurants offer the half / half combo it is a sad selection – like a lettuce bowl that comes with two cherry tomatoes and a dried out turkey club. Not at First Watch. For our combo we ordered a delicious Reuben sandwich thick with corned beef along side the Pecan Dijon salad. This salad comes with chicken, bacon, avocado, pecans, tomato and carrots with Cheddar and Monterey Jack.

First Watch reuben and half pecan chicken salad

First Watch Half and Half combo: Reuben and Pecan Dijon salad

They do a good job sourcing from local vendors as much as they can. Interesting fact: they build all their restaurants so that all windows face away from the sun. No need to worry about any glare while you are enjoying your breakfast / brunch. A couple other facts about First Watch:

  • You can substitute cholesterol-free eggs or egg whites at no extra charge
  • Want to share? There’s no split-plate charge
  • No auto-gratuity no matter how large your party is (I feel for the servers who work the Sunday Jesus crew)

Disclosure: My meal at First Watch was complimentary. But the opinions expressed are my own. First Watch gave us so much food at our brunch, we didn’t eat anything the rest of the day.

First Watch
3450 Old Milton Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30005

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Malika’s Charity Rescue Mission this Fall

If you have my read my About Me page, you know a little about my beginnings. I was born in Mumbai, India and at the age of a week or two was abandoned at an orphanage. Because of lack of funding, abandoned babies like me are not given the care and attention they need.  This means malnourishment, and lack of basic needs like being fed, bathed and even held.

When my adoptive parents arrived in India to pick me up, they found me severely underweight and my entire body was covered in sores; quite the opposite of the healthy baby they were expecting. They were told quite matter-of-factly  ”this baby will die, you should choose another.”  But they were determined to save me, working with a team of great doctors and nurses until I was finally out of danger. Fortunately, they rescued me from certain death.

I was one of the fortunate ones. My parents bought me back to the U.S. where I grew up as part of a very happy family. I have always had a burning desire to help as many young orphaned and abandoned Indian children as I can. India can be a brutal place for these millions of babies and children (UNICEF pegs the number around 11 million babies and children that are abandoned – the majority girls). They need strong supporters to spread the word about their plight. I am one of those advocates, and that is why I am sharing my mission with you.

What happens to the children (especially girls) who aren’t adopted out of the orphanage?  They are shoved out on to the streets at the age of 16 with no education, no hope and nowhere to go. Millions become homeless or are forced into the sex trade.

I will never forget how many times my dad has quoted the late Dr. Thomas A. Dooley: “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”  So I have volunteered to light  ”one candle” and travel back to India for the first time since I was a little girl to give as much quality of life as I can to children who have so little. But I can’t make it back there without your help.


Our small team will be buying basic housewares, clothing and food much needed to take care of the babies and children living at the at the orphanage I was rescued from. We will also be:

* Scouting locations for new orphanages in other cities in India.

* Meeting with potential partners and donors in India who can carry on our work when we have returned home.

Malika’s Orphanage Rescue Mission

**Please note that all contributions are subject to an 8 percent fee**

My father, brother and myself have recently set up the Mardai Harricharan Foundation in Atlanta. We have applied for 501c3 status, and once that comes through, your donations will be tax deductible. Our mission is to grow our U.S. donor base through this campaign and other fundraising events, alliances and partnerships to publicize the plight of these children and continue to send aid and expand the number of orphanages we are able to help each year.

If you could contribute in any way to this trip, I would greatly appreciate it. Please note that any amount, no matter how small, it may seem, would be of great help. Beyond your financial support, your prayers and good thoughts will be greatly appreciated as we take this journey.

boneheads brunch cocktails

Buckhead Brunching: Bonehead’s Style

Bonehead’s is a small chain in the Southeast US. While they are mainly known for their chicken and fish dishes and healthy sides, you may be surprised to learn about their spectacular brunch options as well.

The fried shrimp and chicken tenders were a good start to our meal. It is hard to pick a favorite sauce, though you can’t really go wrong with the Piri Piri sauce. Of course, they also offer grilled options like Mahi Mahi (which was incredible) and chicken.

Bonehead's Piri Piri Chicken atlanta bonheads mahi mahi

But it was Bonehead’s brunch menu that really was a surprise for our group. First, can we just stop for a second and talk about these boozy brunch cocktails? They make two different kinds of sangria – no, not the plain ol’ white and red. Bonehead’s makes a Melon and a Peach / Raspberry Sangria. Out of the two, the latter was the favorite of our small group.

If you favor a brunch cocktail that packs more of a punch, order the Bonehead’s Bloody Mary. Featuring Angostura Bitters, there’s a spicy and unique flavoring you won’t find in other Bloody Mary’s around the city.

bonhead's new brunch menu

Catfish Eggs Benedict with Piri Pri Hollandaise

Now that you’ve picked out some cocktails, you’ll need some rich food to soak up the booze. My favorite of everything we sampled was the Catfish Eggs Benedict. The large dish was served with over a griddled grit cake with a hollandaise made with their signature Piri Piri sauce. Whoa!

boneheads brunch new menu

French Toast Pudding with Maker’s Mark Whiskey sauce

You’ve got a sweet tooth? Don’t fret – Bonehead’s you covered there too. Bonehead’s French Toast PUDDING. Yes, french toast pudding. Covered with a Maker’s Mark whiskey sauce, it is pretty decadent.

No matter what you order for brunch at Bonehead’s make sure you try the Malasada doughnuts. These are a type of Portuguese pastry. Personally, I think they should be offered all day as a dessert item.

Malasada Doughnuts

Malasada Doughnuts

It may be easy to dismiss Bonehead’s as just another chain restaurant. But don’t. Just eat there once before you make up your mind. You really can’t find this kind of quality (especially at brunch) for the price. Most entrees are only around $10 and when you consider the portion size, it is a quite a deal.

Bonus: If you fall in love with variety of sauces Bonehead’s offers, (Piri Piri is my fave) you can purchase them to take home with you as well.

Our meal at Bonehead’s was complimentary thanks to the Association of Food Bloggers. But the opinions expressed are my own.

264 Pharr Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

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Artmore Courtyard

A Midtown Atlanta Staycation

Hopping a plane to an exotic destination sure is nice, but can get expensive, not to mention the hassle of travel. Atlanta has so much to offer, yet many of us never take advantage of many of the cultural and entertainment events or delicious dining offerings in our neighborhoods throughout the city. I recently planned an Atlanta staycation in Midtown and had a blast. Here’s my guide.

I have nothing against big, five-star hotels, but it is nice to stay at a smaller, more intimate place from time to time. For this staycation, I chose the boutique Artmore Hotel in Midtown. This artsy hotel has a lovely courtyard with a fireplace, perfect for the cool fall evenings just around the corner. And the rooms are comfortable, chic and cozy.

Artmore Hotel midtown atlanta

The Artmore Hotel Guest Room

The Artmore Hotel is across the street from the Arts Center Marta station, which means you can take the train in without having to pay hotel parking fees. And there is so much within walking distance of the hotel, who needs a car anyway?

STK Midtown Atlanta date

STK’s swanky bar

After getting checked in late Friday afternoon, get a cocktail and lounge in the courtyard before heading out to dinner. For a romantic kick-off to your weekend, head over to STK, about a half mile walk to the restaurant.

STK Atlanta bar

STK, is part restaurant / part club. Passing by the beautiful bar, you’ll head up the stairs to the comfy rounded booths where your exceptional evening begins. Cocktails are a must here like the Cucumber Stiletto. Some fantastic starters are the Beef or Tuna Tartare. For entrees, scallops don’t disappoint, but at least one must get a steak. I recommend the Sirloin, dripping with butter and served with eight, yes eight dipping sauces (see picture below).

STK Atlanta new menu

STK Beef Tartare

STK date night in Atlanta

Sirloin steak at STK Midtown Atlanta

Coffee is served in the lobby of the Artmore until 10 am. Make sure to get some as there are no complimentary coffee options in your room. Now it’s time to get your art on! The High Museum is less than a mile away. There is always a terrific exhibit going on, so go check it out.

tabla midtown indian restaurant review
You ate a light breakfast, right? Because you are about to get pretty stuffed at lunch. Head on over to the newly opened Tabla, an Indian restaurant in the heart of Midtown. Order one of their unique sodas like the Kokum Spritzer. Start with the okra fries and veggie samosas. If you are unsure what to order, get the Thali – comes with your choice of curry but also the veggie side, naan, rice and dessert. You also can’t go wrong with the Tandoori Shrimp or Lamb Shank with their aromatic spices and one of a kind flavors.

From here, why not head to Piedmont Park or the Botanical Gardens? Or both? I’d recommend a cab for this. After an afternoon full of activities head on over to TAP for a some tasty brews and a late dinner. The patio makes for great people watching.

Four Seasons Park 75 Brunch

Brunch at Park 75

Before heading home, hit up one of the nearby spots for brunch if you are here on Sunday. An indulgent brunch would be Park 75 at the Four Seasons, but a fun, more budget friendly brunch is Front Page News. When the weather is nice, sit on their lovely patio.

Atlanta is a city full of pockets of neighborhoods uniquely their own. It is incredibly fun to be a tourist in your own city. What neighborhood will you plan your staycation?

Disclosure: My stay and meals were complimentary but the opinions expressed are my own.

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