Ronnie Johns Beach Cafe in Marietta: Fish Tacos, Brah!

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Hat tip to Scoutmob for helping me discover Ronnie John’s. Located in an old shopping center in Marietta, it is so out of the way, you’d never stumble onto this lunch spot. Upon entering, we were greeted by the bright colors inside and the cheery staff.

The menu consists mainly of tacos, sandwiches and plates (meat, rice, slaw and macaroni salad). Tacos are only about two bucks, and the most expensive menu item is just over seven. We ate well for only around $14 for two (prior to Scoutmob discount).

I chose two tacos, the Typhoon (Mahi Mahi), which is their bestseller and the Hurricane (Hawaiian pork). The first, was wonderful with crispy pieces of fish and an Asian slaw. The Hawaiian was rather disappointing. While it did have a lot of meat, it lacked any real flavor. I stole Asian slaw from the fish taco to give this a bit of taste.

We also tried the Beach Bum -Chicken Katsu with Teriyaki served on a bed of rice, this was terrific! I wouldn’t hesitate to order this again and again. However, I’d pay a buck more to upgrade to the South Beach which includes Asian slaw and macaroni salad.

Ronnie John’s is only open for lunch currently. The space is small, but we had no problem getting a seat close to 1 pm on a Friday afternoon.

1951 Canton Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 356-5251
Ronnie Johns Website

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