Takorea, Korean Tacos in Midtown, Atlanta


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Takorea Restaurant opened last fall in Midtown. Takorea is owned by the same folks that own Hankook Taqueria and much of the menu is the same. Imagine a much prettier space than Hankook with cocktails. As much as I can rely on my memory, Takorea is pretty much the same decor as former restaurant, Mitra. I stopped by to sample the Korean fare with my friend, Lauren.

As I was the first to arrive, I perused the cocktail list and picked out the Asian Pear Martini ($9). This is made with Soju (sometimes spelled Schochu), an alternative to Vodka. It was super sweet and had me wishing I had just ordered a regular margarita. If you are going to order a Soju cocktail, you’d be better off to visit Miso Izakaya.

We both were starving and I ordered more food than I could possibly eat. I asked our server about the Sticky Chicky and she said it was her favorite thing on the menu. Basically, it reminded me of sweet and sour chicken but with an Apricot sauce. It was tasty and quite a filling appetizer. It’s a perfect choice if there are three or four of you, but quite filling for only two people.

I ordered three tacos – Calamari, Shrimp and Pork – thinking they would be smaller than they were. They range in price from $3-4. If you are ordering appetizers, or what they call “Street Snacks” two tacos will most likely fill you up. Remembering how much I liked the calamari taco at Hankook, I couldn’t pass that up and Shrimp is always a must for me. The calamari taco was as yummy as I had remembered, but the shrimp with hoisin tatar sauce was my favorite. The pork taco, recommended by our waitress, I found to be quite forgettable as were the sesame fries. It’s a shame, as I really loved those fries when I visited Hankook.

Lauren had the beef and fish tacos plus an order of fried dumplings. She loved the beef with its spicy sauce. And I’m sorry but if I see Tilapia on the menu, I’m just not ordering it, but I guess that’s how they keep the prices at four bucks a taco. Lauren fell in love with the fried dumplings. So good, you don’t want to miss out on these if you visit Takorea. Again, another great app for sharing.

There are nightly specials at Takorea including a Monday night all you can eat tacos for $10, Fridays are Hite beer for only $2.50 after 5pm. On Saturdays Street Snacks like the Fries or Tempura Sweet Potatoes are half off. Oh, and they are on Scoutmob with $15 off until some time in June.

818 Juniper Street
Atlanta GA, 30308
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