Studio Movie Grill, Roswell, Atlanta, GA Review

Similar to the old Buckhead Backlot theatre, Studio Movie Grill combines the dinner and show concept. Studio Movie Grill opened in the Alpharetta / Roswell area this past June. Studio Movie Grill is great for Roswellites, only about 3 miles down Holcomb Bridge Rd from 400. Unfortunately for me, I missed the opportunity to attend their media event as I was out of town, but Studio Movie Grill invited me back to see a flick and sample their goods on a recent Sunday afternoon. Full disclosure: I was comped the movie tickets and meal as part of my review.

Man it is hot in Atlanta in August! And what a better way to spend an absolutely scorching Sunday afternoon than in a cool theatre, sipping on an ice cold Margarita? They have lots of cocktails at Studio Movie Grill and of course, beer and wine are available too. When you enter Studio Movie Grill, just beyond the ticketing area, you’ll see a bar to your left. It seemed odd to me that people would be hanging out in a bar at a movie theatre in the middle of the afternoon, but there were several patrons doing just that.

We chose to see the new Angelina Jolie flick, Salt. Totally unbelievable but certainly entertaining. But I digress. You have a choice of buying tickets in advance or purchasing them at the theatre box office. Prices are just under $10 after 6pm and only $8 before 6pm ANY day, not just weekdays.

If you are going on weekend night or seeing a recent release, I would suggest getting tickets in advance. As the theatres have tables / bars for eating, you can imagine this takes up some real estate, allowing for less seating. Studio Movie Grill also offers reserved seating. This requires that you pre-purchase a movie ticket and a $12 dining credit. If you go this route, you’ll be prompted to select your seats during the purchase process.

We decided to wait until we were seated before ordering drinks or food. There’s a button on each table you press to alert servers that you want to place an order. They’ll come around and enter in your order on their nifty hand held device. And don’t worry, they’ll drop your check off plenty of time before the movie is over, so you don’t have to sit there waiting on it or change.

Starting the movie experience off with a margarita, choices were a regular for $8.50 or large for $9.50. It’s a no brainer to order the large. For starters, we chose the Tabasco wings and Thai salad with mint dressing. I thought the wings were tasty and meaty, albeit a little expensive at $8.50 for 5 wings. The salad was a large portion and very fresh.

Although the starters at Studio Movie Grill were enjoyable, I highly recommend the Megaplex burger. With bacon, mushrooms, onions and both cheddar and pepper jack cheese, it was juicy and tasty. Even the dark theatre, I didn’t have to see the cheese to tell it was quality. I was kinda bummed that I was slightly full by the time my burger arrived. It is pretty large and the burger, along with my crispy sweet potato fries would have been plenty by itself to fill me up and keep me satisfied for the remainder of the night.

While it may not be a destination for ITPers, it’s something out of the ordinary for North Fulton / Johns Creek dwellers. Oh, and unbeknownst to Studio Movie Grill, I also visited once before this visit, and was treated with the same friendly service on both occasions.

2880 Holcomb Bridge Road
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Extras: Kudos to SMG for posting this on their website: “No Children Under Age 2 Will Be Admitted To Any PG-13 or R-Rated Feature After 6:00 PM.” Wish more movie theatres would adopt this policy.

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Malika is the author of Food Lovers' Guide to Atlanta and the founder of Atlanta Restaurant Blog. She is also a Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant.

Profile photo of Malika

Malika is the author of Food Lovers' Guide to Atlanta and the founder of Atlanta Restaurant Blog. She is also a Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant.

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