The Crazy Cuban, Midtown, Atlanta, GA First Impressions

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The Crazy Cuban, located off of 14th street in Midtown, recently opened it’s doors to fill the void that Kool Korners left when it closed it’s doors back in 2008. That’s according to the website of the Crazy Cuban anyway. The Crazy Cuban is only open from 11 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday. So, if you are in the area and jonesing for a Cuban on a weekend, look elsewhere.

I stopped by to check out the Crazy Cuban with First Bite for lunch recently. As I was a bit early I sat in my car for a while waiting to go inside. I noticed most in the small parking lot just dashing in for a couple minutes then leaving with a brown paper bag. I just figured that most prefer to get their lunch to-go from the Crazy Cuban. It wasn’t until I went inside, I realized how tiny the place is and that there is nowhere to actually sit.

Well that’s not exactly true. They do have two picnic tables around back, which Jessica and I sat and ate our lunches.

The menu is pretty limited with only about 4 sandwiches and there are no authentic Cuban sides. The only side you can get is a bag of chips. Sandwiches are $5.75, or you can get a combo with drink for $7.79. We both ordered the Cuban sandwich, sans the lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos which are offered on the chalk menu. Who orders a Cuban sandwich with that on it I wondered when I saw the menu.

Besides the fact that they went a little overboard on the mustard, I thought it was a decent sandwich. But it didn’t blow me away either. The bread was crunchy, the ham was plentiful and the pork was tender (albeit a little fatty). If you are in the area, it’ll cure your craving, but I’ve had much better Cuban sandwiches at other places in Atlanta.

290 14th Street
Atlanta, GA 30318
404 607 7348

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