Pozole, Virginia Highlands, Atlanta GA Restaurant Review

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Pozole is a great find in the Highlands. And you will enjoy it if you remember Pozole is a bar first and a restaurant second.

I just visited Pozole and as this is the first weekend that the weather has been pleasant enough to sit outside, I think everyone in Atlanta was on a mission to find a place with a patio or deck. Needless to say, it was packed, but we decided to see how long the wait was anyway – at 7:30 on a Saturday night 45 minutes for two people. We put our name on the wait list but snagged a spot near the entrance so just sat on the barstools overlooking the patio and ate.

Pozole has some interesting margaritas on the menu such as the jalapeno margarita. I was so close to trying it, but stuck with the more traditional Pozole margarita. It was very tasty and I didn’t feel like they skimped on the alcohol at all. Glen had the Texas margarita and liked that pretty well too.

We started with an appetizer of calamari which was terrific. It was mixed with peppers and onions. For $5, I thought the portion was fair. The best part was the blood orange habanero dipping sauce. Extremely spicy but a good mix of sweet and hot.

So, with good drinks and a great appetizer we eagerly anticipated our dinner. Too bad dinner was a disappointment. I ordered the braised beef tacos and Glen ordered the pork burrito with salsa verde. The beef tacos were teeny tiny and the rice and beans were nothing to get excited over. The beef was tender but not really flavorful. Glen said his burrito was so full of rice and beans he couldn’t even taste any pork. Both entrees were under $10 each, but I’d prefer to pay a little more and actually get something really tasty. I would have been more satisfied if I had another order of the calamari.

I’m sure this is a great spot to visit on a weeknight. Pozole has lots of specials that make it more reasonable. On Wednesdays Pozole has house margaritas and tacos for 2 bucks each. And on Thursdays many of their margaritas including the jalapeno margarita are only 4 bucks.

1044 Greenwood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306

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