Abattoir Restaurant to Close 3/28

Abattoir SignAbattoir, which was one of the first restaurants to open in theWestside Provisions District in 2009, will close on March 28.

“We have loved our 7 year run with our great team at Abattoir. We have been proud to present great food, a fabulous atmosphere and the talents of several notable chefs” said owner/operator Anne Quatrano. “It’s time we let another concept take over this awesome space as we work on the opening of our Fish Camp at Ponce City Market this Spring.”

Many of Abattoir’s staff have already been tapped to move on to W. H. Stiles Fish Camp, opening in Ponce City Market this spring. If you want one last taste of Abattoir, get your reservation secured by calling 404-892-3335. I know I’m going to miss them.



Group Dining Table at Abattoir



Wahoo Wine and Provisions Opens

Wahoo Wine store Provisions Atlanta

Wahoo Wine and Provisions next to Wahoo! Grill

If you are fan of the Wahoo Grill in Decatur, you’ll be happy to know they’ve expanded…sort of. They’ve expanded to the space next door to open Wahoo Provisions. With a well stocked, and nicely curated selection of wines, Wahoo Provisions also carries a fantastic selection of locally sourced items as well.

Although the space is small, they make the most of it, nicely arranging foods to go amongst the wine. You’d be tempted not to make a quick meal of the cheeses and prepared foods while stocking up on wine.

Wahoo Wine Provisions Decatur

Some of items besides wine are:

  • Cacao Chocolate
  • Capra Gia Cheese
  • Storico Fresco Pastas
  • JB Farms Eggs
  • Southern Swiss Dairy
  • Atlanta Fresh Dairy
Wine Growlers

Wine Growlers – More than 5 glasses per bottle!

Oh and did I mention they have wine growlers. Yes, wine growlers. Because, why not? And the growler holds more than 5 glasses. Even if you don’t want the commitment of a wine growler (I don’t know why you wouldn’t), they have plenty of bottles of wine and they range in price from under $10 to more than $50.

The only negative about this spot is the terrible gravel lot visitors must park in. There was no valet when I arrived, and besides the gravel, there was a horrible water filled hole to carefully circumvent. Wish they would address the lot.

Several of the wines on the menu next door are available for purchase at Wahoo Wine and Provisions. If you want to check it out on your next visit to Wahoo! Grill, make sure to pop in before dinner. They have varied hours and are closed on Mondays.

Wahoo Wine and Provisions Site
1036 W College Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030

Sommelier Saturdays at Del Frisco’s Grille


Wine education at Del Frisco’s Grille in Buckhead


When I dined at Del Frisco’s Grille last month, in addition to an incredible meal, I saw a familiar face: Buddy Smith. Buddy used to work over at the Captial Grille and I saw him almost every time I dined there. Now he’s bringing his wine expertise to Del Frisco’s.

Who: Wine Enthusiasts
What: Wine tasting and education
Where: Del Frisco’s Grille
When: Last Saturday of every month, 3-5 pm.
Cost: $35

This would make a perfect first date for wine lovers. You can make your reservations by visiting DelFriscosGrille.com or calling 404.537.2828.

O4W Pizza Brings Jersey Pizza to Atlanta


L: O4W owner, Anthony Spina, R: The Jersey Round

O4W (Old Fourth Ward) Pizza has been open for just about a month in the Irwin Street Market. Owner, Anthony Spina, invited me to come out and try his pizza. As I walked in, Anthony caught my eye, making fresh dough.

He suggested I start with the Jersey Round (thin crust cheese pizza). I spent the first 8 years of my life in New Jersey and biting into this slice took me right back to being a kid and the fond memories of Jersey pie.

Next up, I had to try the Grandma – thin crust square pizza with garlic, marinara, basil, mozzarella and Pecorino. I thought the dough might overpower the other ingredients, but the balance was perfect. Out of the four different kinds of O4W pies I tried, this was my favorite. The sauce pairs fantastically with the crispy crust. It’s available by the slice for $3.75 or 12 squares for $23.50.

Grandma Pie from OFW Pizza

Grandma Pie from O4W Pizza

The pie of the day, was a Soppressata, Pepperoni, red onions and chili peppers, and Anthony made a small version of it. I wanted a freshly made slice with some of the house made meats (they make sausage and meatballs in house) but they were all out of meatballs and sausage Luckily he had a couple pies sitting out with spinach, artichokes and sausage still available and I sampled a slice of that.

O4W doesn’t skimp on toppings. If anything, they are topping heavy and light on the breading, which is a nice departure from many of the other pizza offerings around. The result is that you are satisfied but not that stuffed and sluggish feeling that can result from other pizza varieties.


O4W Pizza owner Anthony Spina

Anthony sat down and talked to me about his pizza and how he came to start O4W here in  Atlanta.

Tell me about your background?
Well, I’ve been making pizza for quite some time, but in New Jersey, where I’m from, there’s so much competition. There are some restaurants that have been making this kind of pizza for 70 years. So I wanted to move somewhere where my style of pizza was unique.

There are a lot of cities you could have moved to? Why relocate to Atlanta?
I had a friend who already lived here. I came down to visit a couple of times and realized that there isn’t anything like the pizza I make, here in Atlanta. The response has been incredible since we opened. We were even really busy on Valentine’s Day.

Obviously the Irwin Street Market is a jumping off point. When you open your own spot, what neighborhood will you be located?
I’ll stay in the Old 4th Ward. I really love the Beltline and all the development around it. It is a great location for us.

What is your favorite slice?
The Jersey – can’t go wrong with plain ol cheese.

As I was taking some pictures, a lady asked if I was doing a write up. When I told her yes, she shared with me that she and her husband (originally from New Jersey) were doing a staycation in Midtown to celebrate her hubby’s birthday. They stumbled on the Irwin Street market and O4W Pizza the previous day. They had the pizza for lunch and liked it so much they came back to get a pie to go for dinner that evening.

Besides pizza, O4W Pizza has Garlic knots, salads, calzones and sandwiches. They also feature Vegan pies. Full pies are available in 12″ and 16″ sizes or order by the slice. Meats like sausage and meatballs are made in house, and when they run out, that’s it for the day. They’d already run out on a Sunday at 3 when I came in. So be sure to get there early or call ahead.

660 Irwin Street
Atlanta, GA 30312

Disclosure: My samples here were complimentary, but the opinions expressed are my own.

Anchors Seafood and Ale House, Roswell, First Impressions


Walking into Anchors Seafood and Ale House around 6 pm on Saturday is a huge mistake, as I learned. The restaurant is only about 10 percent full at that point, but that didn’t stop the hostess from telling us they have so many reservations, the only spot available is at a high top in the bar area. No problem – at least we will be serenaded by the soothing sounds of non-stop doo-wop music.

Half of the name of this restaurant is correct, and it isn’t “seafood.”  Ale House is the winning half of this Roswell restaurant. Anchors has a very extensive beer list. I had a Ballast Point IPA which was quite good. What they are lacking, is seafood. That’s not to say that the seafood we had was sub-par, just not much of a choice. Besides shrimp, your choices are Oysters (fried not raw), mussels, crab cakes and Trout. Listed under the “Catch of the Day” was Tilapia. Really?


The food fared much better than I was expecting. The giant onion rings are, gigantic as promised and mighty good, but skip the “Anchors dipping sauce,” an overly spiced cream sauce, and opt for plane ‘ol ketchup. The Rainbow Trout ($18) was incredibly fresh and flaky, even if the presentation lacked any appeal.

Blackened Shrimp Po Boy at Anchors Seafood

Blackened Shrimp Po Boy at Anchors Seafood and Ale House

My Shrimp Po Boy ($11) was delicious, though I strayed from the normal preparation of a fried shrimp in favor of blackened. I felt the onion ring starter plus the hush puppies I ordered as my side were fattening enough. Speaking of hush puppies, Anchors are very unique. Instead of the standard bready filling, these gave way to a sweet, creamed corn-like center. You can see pieces of corn peeking out of the hush puppies in the picture above. It was good, but so sweet, one or two will do ya. The shrimp were rather large and a generous offering of eight, yes eight, to a sandwich. Though the bread was inferior grocery store variety, the contents of the sandwich were incredible. This time the spiced cream sauce was a better match.


Dining Room at Anchors Seafood and Ale House

Overall, this restaurant seems to be suffering from some sort of personality disorder. On one hand, it seems to want to be a fun seafood spot with a killer craft beer list, but the god awful music and decor doesn’t match. I would have expected a more rustic decor like Tin Can Fish House in Sandy Springs. On the other hand, I do understand wanting to appeal to an older Roswell crowd. Anchor’s extensive beer list and limited menu probably isn’t going to win them over.  On the bright side, our waiter, Julias, was extremely attentive and friendly. If I ever return, I hope he serves me again.

Anchors Seafood & Ale House on Urbanspoon